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The Islanders Outdoor Maintenance property maintenance services offer residential and commercial pressure washing services which are required by homeowners and businesses properties located in the Nanaimo and Mid Vancouver Island area. Some of the pressure washing we offer includes soft wash roofs, houses, siding, patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks, and even awnings. In order to keep our quality service and integrity, we ensure the use of eco-friendly products as well as the implementation of the best equipment which supports our main aim of improving and maintaining the professional appearance of your buildings, parking structures, storefronts, parking lots, loading docks, driveways, walkways, and retaining walls. Contact us now to get your property maintained with professionalism and quality.


Our Roof Cleaning & Demossing services are available for our able customers who stay in the Mid Vancouver Island area. Our professional staffs will offer you with a top notch roof cleaning services, which will be executed efficiently using eco-friendly products and years of exceptional experience. Before projects are executed by our staffs, safety measures must be in place and all art fall protection equipment will all be used. We at Islanders are dedicated to delivering professional services, and we are always on the watch for your landscaping and protection of your roof.


Window Cleaning

We are here to make your windows Glow!

Anybody can handle the window cleaning services, it takes only a professional to do it right. Our outdoor maintenance will handle your job thoroughly and protect your property, nobody else can get it done the right way and at the right time.

You have nothing to worry about, hire our service and get the best out of our cleaning services. We offer all types of window cleaning and our extras will give your window a clear looking view, all this can only be handled by our professionals.

All window cleaning services offered by Islanders Outdoor Maintenance services are ensured to be executed with high-quality materials, and we make sure your projects are handled by a professional specialist who is outstanding in this area of the outdoor maintenance.

As our main aim, we never forget our clients’ satisfaction, your satisfaction is our top priority, this has made us train professionals who can handle the toughest dirt and grime on your windows.

Islander Outdoor Maintenance Services is your perfect choice, look no further and try us out, our quality services speak for us.

Gutter Cleaning

Unmatched Professional Quality

Virtually not everyone can do dirty and messy jobs, cleaning your gutters is one of the dangerous dirty chores which is not done frequently, but once in a blue moon. The cleaning of gutter is to ensure the easy and free flow of rain water, an uncleaned gutter can lead to rotted fascia boards, water damages to the sides of your home and including foundation problems

The good news here is that, you can get your gutter cleaned without you having to do the chores, Islanders Outdoor Maintenance is here to help you clean your gutter, and save you time. Our gutter cleaning services include the removal of debris, we down the outside and rinse the inside. You just leave the Dirty Jobs; we are here to take over from where you stopped.

We are Islanders, always there to deliver a top notch outdoor maintenance service.


As a home owner, the Landscape Maintenance and the Lawn Care of your residence is an important aspect you need to look after. It looks so beautiful when you have a well-maintained lawn and landscape as it adds to the beauty of your home and also increases the value of your home which strengthens your relationship with your neighbors in good standing.

Do you need a professional touch to your Landscape and Lawn, at a good and fair price coupled with a fast delivery? Islanders Outdoor Maintaining Services provides you with quality professional touch on your landscape and lawn. We will take care of your lawn and landscape in perfect condition and appeal, our professionalism speaks for us. We are ever ready to provide you with a quality service which can exceptionally transform the beauty of your home.


Bronze Care:The Bronze Care service includes a one-time visit which is based on the price of the services chosen for the visit made. Services may include Mowing, Trimming, Pruning, Weeding, Mulching, Edging, Fertilizing, Seeding and Hedge Trimming. All these services will be invoiced to you once completed.

Silver Care: Silver Care service only covers weekly Lawn Mowing and Lawn Trimming. If there are any extra request for maintenance of landscape, the cost will be based on per visit pricing and will be invoiced on the monthly invoice.

Gold Care: Gold Care offers you weekly Lawn Mowing, Lawn Trimming, Monthly Lawn Edging, Lawn Fertilization Program, Shrub and bed, Cleaning, Weed Control and Fall Cleanup. This program is available for adjustment to suit the clients’ needs because we were able to deduce that there are numerous clients with what they need for their property. Any extra landscape maintenance request made will be based on a discounted per visit pricing and will be invoiced on the monthly invoice.

Platinum Care: As our best program which features all the services offered in the Gold Care program which its services include Hedge Trimming, Spring Cleanup, as well as Plantings of any kind and also Removals. This program can be modified to an all year round program.

For all programs, we will blow off all needed surfaces, remove and dispose of all refuse and debris we create on every visit.

Ask about our year-round programs which can include pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning.